Raw Chocolate Fudge – 100% sugar free


This raw no-cook super quick to make chocolate fudge has all of the creamy chocolatey deliciousness and mouth feel of store bought chocolate fudge without the junk and that overly sickly sugary sweetness! One of the things I love about being a chef is the challenge in recreating my favourite comfort foods health-a-fied! Is that even a word? This pure choccy fudge is a game changer I promise you, as it doesn’t contain any sugar. Pure unadulterated cacao (not the dairy, sugar and filler-full chocolate kind you find in the store) is absolutely loaded with polyphenols (fights oxidative damage and inflammation) and magnesium, which is required for muscle recovery and is a fantastic de-stressor, helps with chronic fatigue and can help you sleep better… but honestly, who doesn’t love some chocolate?



The sweeteners I employ are erythritol, (pretty much calorie free at 0.2 cals per gram) which is the only sugar alcohol I use (ever so sparingly) that is less likely to cause digestive distress as it’s absorbed by your intestines, unlike all of the other zero calorie sugar alcohols that are sent straight to your colon to ferment, which cause digestive issues and bloating. I always opt for organic Erythritol which is derived from non-GMO corn and is about 70% as sweet as sugar. Erythritol does occur naturally in some fruits and fermented foods, however this form is man made and as with all sugars there is NO free ride! I use it in small amounts so as not to spike insulin or blood sugar along with the sweetener’s vanilla liquid stevia OR liquid Lo Han Guo (use either dropper liquids). Once again, I use these no calorie no GI sweeteners very sparingly in my homemade sugar free treats, which I might have one per day or less. Training our palettes to acquire less ‘sweet’ is of course optimal, so too is being realistic about our hard wired human and hormonal need for something sweet without binging on the wrong kinds of foods. This is why balancing your blood sugar is so key – it prevents cravings! Having these kinds of treats on hand sets me up for success.


Cacao contains healthy medium chain fatty acid fats (unrefined coconut oil being another) and phenethylamine (PEA’s) to give you that all-natural happy brain high! I put carob into this recipe as it has been known to help balance blood sugar and lends a natural earthy sweetness to the fudge – if you can’t get your hands on some, just use more cacao powder in place of it. I ALWAYS recommend making your own choccy fudge to have on hand whenever you get that hankering, which for us women is usually around that time of the month… actually, I get it almost every day! I love that this fudge won’t spike my blood sugar and with cacao’s magnesium (de-stressor and helps to lower blood pressure), anandamide (mood enhancer), phenethylamine or PEA’s (happy natural high), serotonin (ladies, you need cacao if you suffer with PMS, as serotonin can drop dramatically during that time of the month) and finally flavanols (anti-inflammatory and heart protective). Yes, real homemade chocolate without any junk is the best treat for your mind and body!



Raw Chocolate Fudge – 100% sugar free

  • Author: PRISCILLA
  • Prep Time: 40 mins
  • Total Time: 40 mins
  • Yield: Make 16 pieces of Fudge


  • 105g   ½ Cup Raw Cacao Butter, melted (aprox. 3/4 Cup cacao butter shaved)
  • 240g  1 Cup Raw Nut Butter of Choice (almond, cashew, coconut, pecan, etc) 
  • 85g     1 Cup Raw Cacao Powder, sifted
  • 6g       2 tsps Ground Cinnamon
  • 3g       ½ tsp Unrefined Salt
  • 16g    2 Tbsps Organic (non-GMO) Powdered Erythritol*
  • 12 Drops Vanilla Liquid Stevia (I use Sweetleaf) OR Liquid Lo Han Guo


  1. Place some hot water in a pot with a bowl over the top (Bain Marie style). The bowl needs to be warm to prevent the chocolate setting whilst making this recipe.
  2. Place melted cacao butter into the bowl and then whisk in cacao followed by erythritol, cinnamon, salt and finally the nut butter. Mix with a whisk or spatula until very well incorporated.
  3. Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and whisk until smooth and well incorporated.
  4. Fold in any optional additional’s above, or keep it classic.
  5. Pour fudge out into silicone ice cube trays, or small silicone cup trays, or a plastic wrap covered squared pan (aprox 15cm x 15cm), or spoon your fudge into silicon moulds, or whatever desired shape you prefer!
  6. Place your moulds filled with fudge in the freezer for aprox 20 – 30 mins, or until set. Chop up into squares, or pop out of your moulds onto a chopping board.


(To clarify sweeteners: Use both erythritol and 12 drops only of one or a combination of the liquid sweeteners.)

In a blender, powder a batch of whole granulated erythritol to store in a glass jar. Approx. 1 Tbsp whole organic erythritol will make 2 Tbsps, but you will need more to powder. Store remaining powdered erythritol for other sugar free recipes that call for it.

Optional Additional’s and tips:

Cacao nibs, chopped nuts, or seeds, freeze dried berries like raspberry, or blueberries, etc (no dried fruit if you don’t want to spike your blood sugar.) Also, try some food grade essential oils such as peppermint, or lavender, or orange, or ginger go really well with chocolate too. Add in some cinnamon, or maca powder to balance hormones, or chaga mushroom for immune support, or functional herbs such as ashwaganda, etc. Sub out half of the cacao powder and add in 1/2 grams of carob powder, or maca powder, or whatever you would like!

Storage: Fudge Stories well in the fridge for up to 3 months.

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